Chattanooga Gate & Gate Controls

Quality Gate & Gate Control Brands from Overhead Door Company of Chattanooga

At Overhead Door Company of Chattanooga, we know you want a convenient and secure gate access system. We partnered with the world’s top gate control manufacturers to deliver the best gates and the best service for Chattanooga homes and businesses.

All of our products are engineered with durability, reliability, and security, and are backed by manufacturer warranty. They require professional installation to ensure safety and reliability. Contact us for a consultation.

The Best Gates And The Best Service

We offer a complete selection of gates, gate access controls, and gate opening devices, including swinging and sliding gates. Our customized installation is based on the client’s exact needs, ranging from gates for single-family residences to access control devices designed for high-value terrorist targets.

Viking Gate Controls

Viking Gate Controls deliver a spectrum of sleek, reliable gate openers. These gate controls are available in sliding and swinging formats and deliver the most advanced gate access innovation in a convenient format.


Easy-to-Use Control System

  • Chassis box design with easy control system access
  • LCD screen and LED indicators show system status
  • Wireless Operation
  • Viking Konnect technology for Bluetooth integration & a control range of up to 100 feet

Gate Capacity

Designed to operate gates from 500 pounds up to a ton, in all weather conditions.

All-weather protection

Built-in heaters and power supply protection protect the system from lightning, power outages, and ice.


Up to 7 years

Hy Security

Hy Security access control devices provide the ultimate in reliability, durability, and configurability, with solutions for everything from high-value terrorism targets to single-family residences. Their range of gate operators, crash gates, barrier arms, and wedge barrier arms are rigorously engineered and tested to deliver world-class security and reliability.


Swing gates

  • Heavy-duty hydraulic swing gates
  • Graceful, smooth swing with an intelligent charging system
  • 10 to 30 second open/close time

Slide gates

  • Advance Drive wheels for a smooth operation
  • Zinc-plated steel chassis with polyester powder coat for attractive, enduring finish

Security Breach Alert

  • Optional siren and Ethernet alert system available
  • Signals if a gate is breached, forced open, or remains open too long


Up to 7 years


DoorKing access control devices are designed to operate vehicular slide or swing gates in residential or commercial applications. They provide a user-friendly, customizable solution that requires no maintenance.


Family-Safe Gate Controls

  • Arm joint covers enclose pinch points
  • Provides family-safe gate access control
  • Entrapment Prevention System reverses gate if anything is in the way.

Powerful, Quiet, Smooth Operation

  • Steel frames and belt-driven reduction systems
  • Powerful, yet extremely quiet gate operation
  • No slamming when gate shuts

Easy Access Case Design

  • Simple manual release
  • Easy access to system controls


Up to 5-year limited warranty